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Freeze Dried For Every Occasion

With range of products from fresh fruit for healthy snacking, to fine fruit powders for exotic culinary experiences, and even fully prepared meals for the avid outdoor enthusiast, we truly have something for every type of occasion. 

What Is Freeze Dried?

Common questions we receive are, "What is freeze dried?" and

"How is it different from dehydrated?"

To freeze dry produce, it is first cooled to less than 35 degrees below zero and then put under a vacuum, where it is then progressively warmed.

As it warms under these conditions, the the water in the produce

skips the liquid phase entirely, instantly vaporizing.

When produce is dehydrated, it is put on a screen and has a constant flow of warm air passed through it to draw out the moisture.






What Are The Benefits

Another question we hear is, "What are the benefits of freeze dried over other types of drying/preserving?" And truthfully, it's a no-contest

Nutrient Retention

Freeze drying retains 97% of the the original vitamins, minerals, and proteins of the produce AND the flavor.  In the case of dehydrated produce, the process destroys up to half of the nutritional value and can alter the tastes quite a bit. Think of the difference between adding sun dried tomatoes to a dish compared to fresh. Although sun-drieds are undoubtedly delicious, freeze-drieds are indistinguishable from tomatoes fresh off the vine. Canning produce is another viable option, but it retains less than half of the nutritional value, and don't forget the added salts and sugars. 

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No Preservatives, No Added Sugar, No Anything, Just Fresh Produce

When we freeze dry, we don't add anything. It requires no preservatives or additives of any kind. What you get is pure and plain. It's as simple as that,

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