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Summer season CSA (20 week)

Hi All!

Thanks for your interest in our 2021 CSA! Our names are Julia and Noel, hence JuNo farms. If we haven't at least met personally and familiar with each other, we're looking forward to making your acqaintance. 

Retuning CSA share holders know what we're about and new ones will not be dissapointed. 2021 is a "limited release" so to speak, and is again a maximum of 20 CSA shares total. This year we're adding an exclusive 15% discount to our CSA members for our website, JUNOFARMS.NET.

Our focus is individualized attention to accentuate the experience for all. We're here not only to help educate, but to learn and make this experience mutually beneficial long term. Don't hesitate to ask any question at any time. That's what we're here for.

Of course we must include the Covid 19 caveat. We will make all reasonable accommodation to see this through and help our customers do the same.

Now for the details. These CSA will include fresh organic/CNG garden produce, greens, fruit, root crops, veggies, berries, culinary herbs, freeze dried goods (mostly on the shoulder season) and other all edible goodness as the plants get harvest ready.

Standard, 20 week CSA share (1-2 folks) - $600 

Family, 20 week CSA share (the standard share x 2 + freeze dried goodies) - $1200 

Eggs available weekly and are an additional $5/chicken and $6/duck upon request.

As a CSA share holder you'll receive an exclusive memeber only discount on our freeze dried products A-La-Carte from our website, JUNOFARMS.NET, as well. Orders must be made at least 5 days prior to the day of your next CSA delivery.

On occasion we'll offer intermittent local options (because our valley has tremendous talent to offer) to include,

  • Unique culinary and medicinal herbs

  • Herbal/natural remedies

  • juices and non alcoholic beverages

  • value added products

  • And more...everything and anything that we'd include in our diets.

-CSA shares start 1 June 2020.

-We offer pick up at our farm in Hotchkiss for the North Fork Valley on Fridays from noon until 3pm.

-Pick up at the Crested Butte farmers market on Sundays 9am-2pm.

-Pick up Montrose farmers market on Saturdays 9am-1pm.

-Drop off/pick up at Carbondale farmers market or designated locale in Carbondale on Wednesdays - TBD.

-Also, depending on the status of specific CoVid-19 situations, we may be able to offer delivery for a fee. 

Our website, JUNOFARMS.NET, will accomodate the intitial CSA offering. All a-la-carte ordering and communication will be through our website as well. Of course phone calls and personal interaction will be part of the CSA. We want to offer and receive a more personalized experience and feel this is the best way for the moment.

Sign up for the share you'd like and that's it. The A-la-Carte options are available to you at your liesure. The cut off time for our CSA sign up is 1 June or when we've reached our max. Payments can be cash or credit card and even paypal or venmo (contact us directly for venmo). Contact us via any means stated above.

We're happy to offer a quality CSA with products and produce that we've had experience with and give a great bang for the buck. Not too big and not too exclusive and still outstanding. We look forward to working with you.

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